Issues with Perspective Video Player

We’re trying to display a video stream in Perspective but we are only shown the first image and it then doesn’t update. Is there any way of getting this working? It is an MJPEG stream with a source URL like This link works without an issue in Vision.

Also, even though the liveFeed property is set to true, a message saying “Error Loading Media: File not valid” is shown in the player before the first image loads. It would seem this should only be shown when liveFeed is off. With liveFeed on a message like “Waiting on video stream” would be nicer.

It is very very dangerous to put passwords in the url.

Also i havent rly used the media component yet.
But file content you can try to use the inline frame with the same url. Iframes are (usual) quite smart enough to use the right html component to read the file.
Though it might depend on browser and just what you are using, its no guarenty and proabaly not consistant design wise.

You might get an idea from the ifrme which settings its using tho if you inspect the elemnt (if it works) and copy those to the video component