Issues with slow launching of Clients

Lately I am seeing issues with the time a client is launched and the time the actual project opens up. This occurs in version 7.7 , 7,8 applications. This occurs over multiple installs, so it is not an OS or PC resource issue. Sometimes by the time the desktop shortcut is doubled clicked and the application actually gives some sort of indication of launching, 20 -30 seconds may have elapsed. So , what ends up happening , the customer will double click the launch shortcut again and again, and what usually ends up happening in Client limited applications, the # of clients open exceeds the license count, and a Logon Screen prompting username / password is usually the the last window to open.

is this something I am the only one experiencing ?

I saw such behavior a few years ago, but thought it was a linux thing. Haven’t seen it since I switched to always using the native client launchers.

I agree with Phil. Are you using java web start shortcuts or native client launcher shortcuts?

i will try the Native Launcher again

We did see an issue with one customer with a multi-homed (multiple network card) server when using Java web start. The client would try to communicate to the first IP address (which it couldn’t access) and had to timeout before it tried the second IP address (which succeeded).

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