Issues with sqltag.csv

Hi All,
I’m experimenting with multiple projects and found that when uploading the sqltag.csv to one project it also, for some strange reason, overwrites the tags from another project even though the csv files and project names are different.
Another issue is that the sqltag.csv fields are inconsistent as far as format. The AlarmState field items are not parsed out per column like the other fields within the csv. The AlarmState has multiple items in comma separated format with a $ as a termination character. Any reason for that? Would be nice to have the items in separate columns erspecialy when trying to import many tags form another vendor. Saves time from concating and parsing. Any input will help.

One thing to realize is that SQLTags are NOT project specific - they are shared across all projects. Therefore, you may want to be careful about importing CSV into the correct folder.

Also, you’re correct, the alert states get encoded that way. It’s a bit unfortunate, but it’s always difficult to decided how to specify hierarchical data in a flat format like CSV.


Thanks. At least I’m not seeing things. I guess the resolve is to have the projects in different folders. Is there a way to merge several csv’s into a single project?

Yes, the CSV import should be relative to the selected folder, so you should be able to create a new folder, select it, and then hit import.


I’m confused on how to create a new separate folder. When the designer starts it brings up the project selection. Are all the projects in one folder? Where are these projects stored? I searched around but could not find the projects except for the links to . C:\WINDOWS\system32\javaws.exe -localfile “C:\Documents and Settings\Joe Mendonca\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\61\3615603d-13c85cb3”

Colby didn’t literally mean folders as in the folders in your hard drive. He meant SQLTags folders. Right click in the SQLTags browser, and you’ll be able to create a new folder there.