It is not possible to reference a Tag in Alarm.Label for a UDT

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In Ignition 8.1.15, I have noticed that it is not possible to reference a Tag in the Alarm.Label property for a UDT. If a Tag is referenced, the Label value is null.
Instead, with “DisplayPath” it works correctly.

Definition of the Alarm in the UDT:

Alarm on an instance of the UDT:

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Don’t they need curly braces around the tag paths?

I’m on 8.1.19 and do not see an issue. To test, use an expression with static text, like ‘test’.

@nminchin There’s no need. It’s a tag, not an expression. Notice that “DisplayPath” works correctly.

I just tested with [System]Gateway/SystemName and label will remain null until the alarm is first triggered. Tested on 8.1.19.

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Exact. It’s strange because DisplayPath does show value from the beginning.