Items for a Report Only Appearing on Last Page

Hello everyone!
I have a report that mimics a typical purchase order. The page(s) include a table of items with their prices and some other misc. info. Directly under this table, I have some totals that include a pre-tax total, a tax amount, and an actual total. This looks nice for a purchase order with only one page of items, however when there is more than one page (with the following page looking identical to the first page except the data that populates the PO table) it gets a little confusing/redundant having the same totals on the bottom of each page.
My goal is to only have the totals appear on the very last page of the report underneath the table (if there is more than one page) while keeping everything else the same. The PO itself in the report is a table, while the totals on the bottom are just Text with a Rectangle shape as the border. Is there a way to only show this text on the bottom if there is a last page, or will these totals need to be incorporated into the table? If so, how?
Thank you in advance for your help!

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Sounds like you need one or more summary rows in your table.