itemsAdded breaks when scan class is modified

Working on the subscription logic of my driver, I ran into an oddity: when I modified my scan class to poll at 5 seconds instead of 4, itemsAdded appears to have been called to reregister my tag at 5ms. Here are the pertinent logs:

code 9:22:52 AM class - RsShipping Subscribing //Diagnostics/Computer/FanRPM/CPU at rate of 5ms
(D) 9:22:52 AM class - RsShipping Unregistering Ignition subscription task.
(T) 9:22:52 AM New Polling Cycle: []
(D) 9:22:52 AM Updating polling cycle…
(D) 9:22:52 AM class - RsShipping Unsubscribing //Diagnostics/Computer/FanRPM/CPU at rate of 4000ms
[WARN] 9:22:52 AM xopc.server.subscriptions.Subscription [Subscription ID: 1 Session name: UaClientSession_1391179690454] received a requested for a publishing interval <= 0. Using minimum.
(I) 9:22:52 AM SQLTags.Manager Modifying scanclass ‘Default’ on ‘default’. New name: ‘Default’
(D) 9:22:43 AM class - RsShipping Registering Ignition subscription task with a polling rate of 4000[/code]

At this point, my device responded with a resounding 'No way." Is this a bug, or do I have to do something special when I modify a scan class?

I’m not seeing this. Are you sure you didn’t type ‘5’ instead of ‘5000’ into the scan class dialog?

You’re right. It looks like I messed up. Sorry about that.