Its been fun!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the help on the forum, and also extend a big thank you to all of the IA team on a great forum.

Ive taken a position that will have me working in the middle east(Oman) and with Iconics(ugh). Unfortunately, I dont make the decisions on this one!

Ive really enjoyed working with the software(every day for the last year and a half) and also learning some new technologies. You guys have a great thing going, keep up the great work.

I also want to commend you all on having a open philosophy on everything. Being able to come on a forum like this and converse with the development and support team is very valuable IMHO, not to mention being able to actually download the product and work with it without having to give my life story. I really think other companies could learn alot from Inductive Automation’s philosophy about support and licensing.

You better believe once I finish this assignment I will be ready to jump back in some Ignition. Im gonna keep up with the changes in the meantime, cant wait to see the new stuff coming down the pipeline and also with other folks building modules.

Congrats on the Job. Hope all works out for you, and sure we will all meet up again sometime.

Be sure to pop in from time to time, even if it’s just to say hello! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! +1 to Jordan, drop in to say hi periodically.

Maybe you shouldn’t keep up with it at all, if you keep reading about all of the stuff that you CAN’T do with Iconics you may become mentally unstable. :laughing:

my only experience with iconics was emailing them repeatedly to get a demo license. ultimately, I never got anything from them so it made my decision to go with ignition pretty easy. I will say that the graphics capability of iconics is pretty amazing.

I had gotten a demo from a rep when I was looking at SCADA packages, the 64-bit stuff was pretty impressive graphically, you’re correct. The thing that drove me up a wall though when I was playing with it is that everything you do is a separate program. If you want to create alarms you have to open one program, if you want to do historian stuff that’s a different program, if you want to design windows then that’s a different program, etc…

They also have a variant of the typical per-tag licence model where only tags that people are viewing are counted against your license. So, if you have a 1500 tag license you could have as many tags as you want as long as the tag count that people are actually viewing is less than 1500. It seemed to be the best per-tag licensing model that I found when I was looking.

They are pretty heavy in OPC as well, the rep made it a point to emphasize that. Out of everything I looked at the Iconics Genisis system was #2 behind Ignition, so you could have done worse. haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks heavily embedded in microsoft also, so I imagine a simple update could take down the system with the quickness. should be interesting.

Good luck!

We’ll be waiting for you when you come back :smiley:

Congrats on the new position, thanks for all your contributions here.

so far I am not impressed by iconics. its really buggy. constant unexplained license and security failures. the trending absolutely blows. everything is overly complicated since there is no central place to configure things like database connections. There is seemingly a separate csv file to configure everything. I like the graphics interface, but really thats about the only thing. I have dubbed it “craponics”.

sorry for the rant, just venting after a few weeks of constant frustration. :open_mouth:

Are you using a recent version?

yeah, the 32bit version of 9.21. I am sure the 64 bit versions graphics are much better, but I would think the underlying architecture isnt much if any different.

I told you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey diat150,
When you are sick of playing with Iconics, send me a pm, we are looking for programmers.

Do they have to move to the frozen northlands as well?

talk about going to extremes. im in 120+ degree weather right now.