It's Feburary!

Where’s 7.4?

I’d settle for a beta :smiling_imp:



We’re working on it. Patience please.

In the meantime, you can amuse yourselves with this fantastic post about software development schedules. (The top answer, the hiking from SF to LA analogy)

Awesome link Carl! I know exactly how that feels :smiley:
(BTW we are waiting “Patiently”… for February lol)


Awesome post, could easily be Slashdot material.

So we’re looking at what, Feb 6th? :mrgreen:

Hey guys, go easy on the devs, they have 26 more days to finish :stuck_out_tongue:

Beta is up!

? … I see the latest development release as Version:, Release Date: Jan 27, 2012 … ? I needs me some beta!

Are you a member of the Beta Program Board? This thread has all the links.

Ah, no I am not!

How does one gain access to this forum?

You just have to ask! You’re added.

Excellent, thanks!

can i get added too?

Does 7.4 have any new features in Alerting?
Can I get added also.

[quote=“mharri”]Does 7.4 have any new features in Alerting?[/quote]Nope, it’s UDTs, component templates, and updated scripting.

[quote=“gbuehler”]can i get added too?[/quote][quote=“mharri”]Can I get added also.[/quote]Done and done.