Jagged text when in project


I am having a strange issue where some of the text in a project of mine is jagged at the default view level. However, if I zoom in to the text in question with the Designer, the text looks fine. The strange part is, is that some of the text is jagged, while some isn’t and they are both the same size and font type. I have attached an image to show the problem I am describing.

The top box in the image is what the text looks like in the Designer when I zoom in (notice that the text is nice and smooth). No problems here.

The middle box in the image is what the same text looks like when I zoom out to the default view. Notice that the text on the left (the words “Back”) is jagged at this zoom level. This is what it looks like when I actually run the project and is very noticeable.

The bottom box is just a zoomed in version of the middle box to clearly illustrate this problem I am having with the jagged text.

Any ideas what is causing this?

Well, it seems that I didn’t notice the “antialias” property for the label object. I realize now that when you zoom in or out with the Designer that it must be drawing with anti-alias on, regardless of the objects property. Maybe zooming with the Designer should respect that property if possible?

Yeah, you want anti-alias on. Zooming is actually a bit different than anti-alias, as the text is drawn as vectors when zoomed in, thus making anti-alias not necessary.