Janitza UMG96RM-E modbus register mapping to Ignition

I'm a newbee with Ignition and appreciate some help with my first Modbus address mapping.

In the manual of my Janitza power analyser device I have the following:

  • Address (example value 19000)
  • Format (example value FLOAT)
  • Rd/Wr (example value RD)
  • Unit (example value V)
  • Note (example value Voltage L1-N)
  • Index (for example: [0] )

What do I need to map

  • Prefix
  • Start
  • End
  • Step
  • Unit ID
  • Modbus Type
  • Modbus Address

I tried multiple options but receive "bad" als value in the tag browser so I'm doing something (or a lot) wrong.

Any help is appriciated.

Best regards,

I would not use the modbus mapping tool. Setup your tags manually following along with this

Depending on your modbus unit Id, say it's 1. You should have something like [deviceName]1.IRF19000 as the OPC Item Path


That workes, thanks!
I get a value now, not as aspected for the register but I will also try other registers and double check to modbus register guide.

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You may need to play with Ignition's advanced settings for the device, particularly zero-based addressing and/or word swapping.

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Thanks but these suggestions are beyond my current skill level.
I'm following the Ignition University courses to get better understanding and use my own Janitza device to see how it works in practise.

It's really simple to try out the advanced settings Phil mentioned. Just go to the device configuration page and click on advanced properties. They are boolean options, so try different selection combinations until your value is what you expect. Also, make sure your tag type is correct, for example float.

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Ok, thanks! I found the relevant property and changed it.

The zero-based addressing fixed it.
I'm now receiving the value I was expecting, thanks!