JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by same Certifica

Version 3.3.4 build 5790

This is a new installation that hasn’t been up yet.

When I try to launch the Designer, I get this error.

Any ideas???

Well, it could be a couple of things. One make sure you Reporting and ActiveX plugins are update to date (Rept. 1.1.19 and ActiveX 1.0.5). Secondly, it may be an issue with your Java version. Make sure it is Java 6 Update 12 or higher. You may want to upgrade to the latest version. Let us know if you continue to have these issues. Also make sure to launch from the webpage and not shortcuts until it is working.

DUH – I didn’t get the latest Java update - I was using the one that came with the Install file (You might want to update your latest install file to include the latest Java)