Java 17 planning

Wondering if the plans to move to Java 17 have any tentative date or release.

Not yet. I’m pushing for it ASAP, but it’s blocked on a couple things.

  1. new build system, almost merged
  2. the dev who primarily deals with Azul and the runtime integration is on paternity leave
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What Kevin said.

But we’re not waiting for 8.2 or anything to do this. As soon as we resolve the blockers, we’ll start working on the update and it will go into whatever 8.1 version gets released after the work is done,

I’m curious, what is the benefit/changes in moving to Java 17?

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For us, lots of new language features.

For users, bug fixes, stability, and performance enhancements.

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Is it still coming from Azul?


Here’s a link I was looking for also: A categorized list of all Java and JVM features since JDK 8 to 17 - Advanced Web Machinery

JDK 17 is also the new LTS release.


Any update on timeline for Java 17?

Frustratingly I cannot seem to convince the right people here that this needs to be prioritized.

In their defense, I think we may need to renegotiate or renew whatever contract it is we have with Azul, so there’s a big non-technical hurdle in the way.

Hopefully for v8.2, at the latest.

or perhaps directly JDK 19 (available september 2022) ?

It will be 17 because 17 is an LTS version.

If it were up to me we’d update to the latest JDK as soon as it was available and stable.


Just re-pinging in case there is news.

I don’t know, I guess we had a meeting with Azul in June, then there was supposed to be follow up this month… but with ICC I’m guessing Carl is busy with other things.


Java 11 ends active support 9/30/2023 when Java 21 is released as the latest LTS version. This would put Ignition TWO LTS versions behind at that point.


too soon to ask again? Maybe moving to Java 21 is better, would lightweight threads be useful?

Ha, there's actual progress on this to report. I don't know the details, but apparently we've reached an agreement with Azul for license/distribution/support of both 17 now, and 21 when it's ready.

At the technical level I think this will be a very easy migration. Last update on the ticket tracking this was something about a JXBrowser compatibility issue, but I was able to get the Gateway running on JDK 17 months (years?) ago.


@tom.prodehl Upcoming Java 17 Migration for Ignition 8.1