Java 6 Update 10 - a big deal?

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Update 10 is a significant minor version update that should have huge positive implications for FactoryPMI. Sun approaches many of the deficiencies of the current platform. A few highlights.

[ul]Quicklauncher to speed up first load time[/ul]
[ul]Java Kernel is 4-5 megs, and downloads what it needs instead of the entire 14 meg JRE.[/ul]
[ul]Next generation plugin for Applets and Java Web Start with emphasis on FireFox, Vista, and other popular technologies.[/ul]
[ul]Better development support for detection - think Gateway Configuration Page[/ul]
[ul]Improved 2D performance by using Windows API and Direct3D. The justification used to be, “it should run on all platforms”, but why not optimize for your largest customer base?[/ul]

Nimbus Look and Feel - we could change to it. You can try a demo here - should run better if you have update 10 installed. What do you guys think?

I’m pretty excited as update 10 should nicely accompany our Native 2D (Vector) graphics.