Java 7 et Python 3.X and Ignition 7.3


Will Ignition 7.3 be compatible with Java 7 and will the Python version updtaed (maybe to 3.x…) ?


Ignition should run on Java 7 fine.

A Jython upgrade is coming, but not in the initial 7.3 release. And it definitely won’t be 3.0. The Jython project is only at Python 2.5 compatibility right now.

Good to ear about Jython update even if not 3.

For Java 7, I’ve made the test and a quick result is :

  • Designer : ok, no change, equal original version (java 6)
  • Vision : graphical rendering very different of original

I must admit that we’re currently in the crunch to get 7.3 out and we haven’t had time to work with Java 7 yet. Those screenshots are somewhat concerning - looks like all of the label foregrounds and fonts aren’t being applied.

I’d hold off on Java 7 until we get a chance to do some testing. It’s pretty early to be adopting right now anyhow…