Java 8 Security Warnings Launching Clients/Designer

Each iteration of updates to Java JRE consistently adds at least one new security tweak. The latest Java 8 causes a prompt when launching Ignition clients and Designer. (via JNLP files)

The latest prompt:
“The application has requested permission to establish connections to . Do you want to allow this?”

A manual tweak to the jnlp file allows this to be bypassed by commenting out the following “href” attribute:

Is this something that can be included in the next Ignition release?

Jeremy Kiffer

Interesting, I didn’t realize that the href attribute was optional. We’ll have to do some research to see what the consequences of removing that attribute are. I imagine it would prevent the JWS system from re-downloading the JNLP to check for changes/updates, but we change that file so infrequently it may be a good trade-off.