Java 9 Advantages and Compatibility Timeline

I was wondering how long it will take Ignition to be compatible with Java 9, and if there will be any advantages that you guys see?

The biggest advantage is that they’ve added high DPI support for Windows.

We’re definitely shooting for compatibility in Ignition 8.0. We’ll backport it if possible, but there have been some changes that may prevent that from happening.

A lot of our Ignition projects use a LOT of string tags from the PLC. I noticed in Java 9 they’re making some big memory improvements with strings - will this help performance or memory usage at all?

shrug it might

If your project has performance problems I wouldn’t rely on Java 9 magically fixing them any more than changing the GC to try and fix them. They both might be nice things to do with some amount of measurable improvement… but relying on them to rescue a project is a bad idea.

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Yup no rescue needed, just wondering what effects it might have. Thanks Kevin

Sorry that warning wasn’t directed at you specifically, just to anybody reading this in general.