Java 9+ Language Issues

In testing the bundled JRE with 7.9.10 we are having issues with languages, specifically Thai. None of the language symbols seem to render in the Azul 9+ java… Java 8, no issues, but 9 or 11 I get just square boxes.

Interesting. Square boxes are usually a font issue (ie the font used doesn’t have a clue how to render that character, so it gives up). I’ll pass this up the chain. Thanks for catching this!

Thanks! FYI - Importing and exporting from translation manager works ok, the characters are in there ok, like you said they just cannot be rendered in the UI.

Hi @ryanjmclaughlin,

It looks like you are on Windows 10, if thats the case, this might help. If not let me know what OS you are on. Font rendering issues are tricky, however i think i have a fix/workaround for you:

  • Wherever you installed the Client Launcher (usually in your users appdata/roaming/Inductive Automation/Client Launcher directory) could you drop in the attached font config file into the sub directory jre/conf/fonts

This should map the internal logical fonts to the Tahoma font which supports thai characters correctly on windows 10. It should be noted that if you are using other fonts on various components that they may fail to render unless they are using a logical font. (serif, sansserif, monospaced, dialog, and dialoginput)

thanks, and let me know if that works out for you.
Jonathan C (11.4 KB)