Java applet in IE ActiveX


On one pc running XP I can launch a plc web page with embedded a java applet with IE browser. On the same pc, I launch an Ignition client, point to the Plc web page with a windows with the IE ActiveX component, and I can see HTML pages but not the applet (trend).
Any idea ?

I have a similar issue viewing silverlight trends .
I hope they respond. I dont want to mess up your thread.

If the computer your trying to do this from is not connected directly to the PLC it will most likely not work. There is no way to get a client to go through the gateway to connect to the PLC.


I’m sure there is another reason because it used to work for month… The end user issued an automatic java update for all the computers of the site and boom…
I’ve another issue with IE ActiveX in 7.4.x not working ;(
Still under investigation here…

I’m confused here…

Was it a java update that broke something?
Was it Ignition 7.4 that broke something?

Are you running an Ignition client (which is a Java application), with an ActiveX IE control, that views a webpage with a java applet on it!? That seems a bit recursive, I didn’t even know you could do that…

Yes, really. The plc web page (a saia pcd3) mixed HTML and Java applet. It works well with 7.3.1 until a Java update of the client was done.
We are searching a solution.
By the way, it seems that 7.4.x and 7.5 don’t like activex. I cannot put activex component on a windows with both…
Up to 7.3.7, it is OK.

There is a known bug for 7.4 and 7.5 that when ActiveX components are dragged on the screen, [del]the component isn’t allowed on the window[/del], they appear as small 10x10 components that don’t function correctly, and a Java error “IllegalStateException: OleObject is not created” is thrown. The dev team is currently working on it.

Yes, I’ve seen it. You need to close the windows and reopen it.
Thank you.