Java Cache Issue Even When Cleared

Is there a way to ensure all my designer changes are reflected in the viewer at the users desk, even if I don’t rename a screen with those changes on it?
Both popup screens discussed here are using a Power Table…
I have a table displayed with a Boolean column ‘Exclude’. When the users clicks on the displayed check box, the row highlights in orange. This popup screen can display many different equipment from many different areas of the plant. Then when the user pulls up another ‘Summary’ popup it displays a summary of every item that has had the ‘Exclude’ checked off. If they wish on this Summary popup, for their convenience, they can uncheck any item and it will automatically disappear from the view (because the underlying query only selects items that have been checked.
It all works fine. The problem is that my updates were not being reflected on the users viewer.
The only way I could get my updates to appear AND work was to rename the Summary popup with a unique name then repoint it within the respective button control that the user presses to display it.
I pulled up the windows java control box and unselected ‘keep temporary files on my computer’ but this didn’t help.

If at any point I go back and rename that ‘Summary’ popup to it’s original name, the scripts no longer work (as if it’s using an old cached version still)

Every time I ‘save and publish’ in the designer, the viewer icon flashes to indicate it’s receiving the update but that seems like it’s not entirely accurate

ExcludeSummary Viewer Icon Flashes to indicate update