Java Console in Ignition 8

Is it possible to have the “Java Console” pop up using the newer Ignition 8 bundles Java? We used to use this to debug weird startup issues for Vision clients and this was an option with Oracle Java, but can’t seem to figure out if its possible in the new bundled JRE…

No, but you should be able to find the client launcher log file in the .ignition folder.

For the most amount of detail, you should be able to find a line in the log that shows the full launch command and arguments. If you copy that and run it yourself in a terminal you’ll get all the log messages.

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Perfect! Thanks Kevin.

Would their be a way to force on all the DEBUG/TRACE loggers within the vision client during launch? Looks like its something in my startup script trying to figure a way to see more debug info during the launch to troubleshoot.