Java downgrade to version 6.41=project icon inoperable

Our company is using a new software program that needs Java version 6.41 to run correctly. When version 6.41 is installed the project icon stops working. We have to delete the file C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition and relaunch project from web browser to make the icon work again.

You should clear the Java cache to let Java re-create the shortcut. To clear the cache go to Start > Control Panel > Java. Find the temporary internet settings and delete the files. Then launch the client again.

That is what we are currently doing Travis but did not want to do that to every computer in the plant. I was looking more for a reason or a permanent fix to the issue.

Well a permanent solution would be to create your own shortcut. The shortcut path would look like this:"C:\Windows\System32\javaws.exe" " can replace the path to javaws.exe, the ip address and the project name for your server.

Depending on your clients Java installation you can try the following code in a ClientStartupScript:

from javax.jnlp import ServiceManager
    intService = ServiceManager.lookup("javax.jnlp.IntegrationService")
    if intService.hasDesktopShortcut() or intService.hasMenuShortcut():
    	print "Shortcut already present - Removing"
    # requestShortcut(Desktop, Menu, MenuFolderName)
    if not intService.requestShortcut(1, 1, "IgnitionApps"):
    	print "Failed to install shortcut"
    	print "Shortcut created"	
    print "IntegrationService not available"

On Client startup, existting shortcuts should be removed an replaced by the new ones.
The IntegrationService API exists since Java 6.0.18, and is (at least in our company) installed by default.