Java error with Mobile Ignition

When I put in the username and password it gives the following error “java.netSocketException: Software caused connection abort: socket write error and then a restart button down the screen – it just goes back to the login screen then.

There is a bit more information that you would need to supply about your version of Ignition and what Java version(s) are installed on your machine ( if you know how to determine that at this point ). It might also be helpful to know which mobile device and the OS (IOS/Droid/Etc.) you are using. I can guess that the version of Ignition is under 8, because Mobile is replaced by Perspective at that Ignition version- though things change at version 7.9.10. There are some settings in TLS/SSL and Authentication that can also cause the error, because security has changed. If you are in a hurry, you may wish to read the support policies then contact support at ( no colon here means no emoji )
and you may also wish to look at ( no colon as before )
Just Google the word ‘OAuth’
Best of All ( no colon as before )

Ignition v7.9.10
Java v8
IOS (ipad and iphone)

Then this may help
which refers to
User admin Password password all lower case - I would guess that you already tried that, checking your caps lock key / indicator.
In other words, something about the use of AD or SSL / TLS /Authentication has likely changed. This was done in Ignition 7.9.10- so did this work in 7.9.10 before recently?

There is no issue logging in when using laptop so think its more to do with mobile client.
We have been using 7.9.10 for few months
I honestly don’t know if its just since 7.9.10. one our customers contacted me when setting up ipad to say she was having issues. I would always be using the laptop

The mobile client should work better without Java on it, because the idea was that it would use HTML5 and AJAX to connect through a local WiFi connection. If the client has both IOS and a Java system on their tablet/phone, they may get different results with the cellular connection turned off and the Java system temporarily defeated ( reboot usually required ) from the PLC locale than away at home. The use of ‘Authentication’ ( as in OAuth /OpenID or ‘Secure ID’, SAML etc. ) was supposed to take place in Ignition 8, yet TLS and SSL may have been changed earlier- that would be around 7.9.10. I made some posts earlier about my own problems with Login when AT&T decided that users must ‘Authenticate’ for their mail system. If this was done, or the IOS version updated- it might explain the login failure. That is why you might try Inductive Automation support section through e-mail. The website is ( drumroll ) then check policies- your organization may have priority e-mail support. They may or may not find it easier to start with this thread. Use triple marks in your mail using the character above the tab ( usually the same key as the curvy tilde to the left of the number 1 ) to avoid immediate use of the link. That could also be cut and pasted from yet they might need to logon to the forum and open a word-processor program to capture what has been said.
Much of it is at
file:///C:/Users/jlivingston/Desktop/IgnitionTrng/Ign79Man/DOC79/About-Mobile-Clients_6046597.html on my machine- your path to a downloaded 7.9 manual would be similar.

Troubleshooting the old mobile module can be difficult, it might be best to call into support.

Yes, I have mentioned that twice. What I have not said is that there are multiple versions of everything Apple, for example
file:///C:/Users/jlivingston/Desktop/IgnitionTrng/Ign79Man/DOC79/Mac-OS-X---Install_6045896.html goes into Java 8+. At the current time, Oracle has various versions of Java in that range for commercial and non-commercial users. How this interacts with any Internet or Telephone provider can mean for a lot of guessing, and further questions. It would be best to get it in writing if you need evidence of your efforts.