Java for Ignition 7.9 and 8


I have a bit of trouble understanding to what extend Java is included in Ignition 7.9 and Ignition 8.0 and what does this mean?
From what I understand Java should be included in Ignition 7.9 and 8.0 but I discovered that I still need Java installed on my server in order to start the gateway?

Could any of you be able to point me in the direction to where I could find some more information about this?

Thanks in advance.


Java is included in the native client launchers from now on. So you don’t have to install Java on all separate clients.

You still need to install Java on the server.

If you haven’t seen this post before, its a good read for a summary of some of the Java stuff.

Ignition 8 includes Java bundled for the Gateway in addition to the client launchers. I think there is plans to eventually also include Java in the gateway for a later 7.9.x release… The removal of the need for a separate Java install is being phased in one part at a time.

alright, thank you for the answers.

So to summarize:
Ignition 7.9.10 needs java(8/9) for the gateway and java for the designer and clients if you don’t run them through the native client launcher?

Ignition 8.0 has java fully embedded so there you don’t need to install java for the gateway or the designer and clients?

For 7.9 - you’re absolutely correct.

For 8.0 - Yes, the Gateway runs on an automatically-included-with-the-installer build of Java 11 from Azul. That same runtime is automatically served up to clients and designers using the brand-new client/designer launchers (which totally replace the existing client launchers). As a consequence of the move to Java 11, there is no support for “Java Web Start” (the technology behind the ‘Launch Designer’ link and direct launching of projects from the webpage in 7.9.

How to check what java version that my ignition instance is using…


Thanks for the link. Really helpful.