Java Heap Space Error in report viewer

I’ve been working on a report and had the report working and displaying 5 or 6 pages of data. I wanted to edit the design, but when I tried to link the report to the report viewer Ignition locked and did nothing. After waiting to see if it would work I got an error telling me I had to sign in. I checked the gateway and it was running. When I went back to my project in designer the report viewer was idle (the little icon that rotates when loading a report was still). I decided to save and exit the project. Nothing worked. Ignition was once again frozen. Finally I did the common old Windows fix-all – rebooted the PC.
Seemed everything would work. I got to the designer and opened the window where I had the report viewer. It was blank so was the path. I entered the path to the report and it started to load and locked. A few seconds later the report viewer displayed Java heap space. I looked on the status page and Ignition shows 500MB or less of memory used. How do I get the report viewer to work? Worked fine yesterday on a huge report, about 200 pages of data. I deleted that report when I started this morning.