Java installation

I have Igniton 7.9 version running on Ubuntu as server. I have bothe Windows & Linux/Ubuntu CLients running… My problem is, whenever I want to connect a new Ubuntu client, I require the Internet connectionto install Java… For windows I am getting full package of Java version for manual installation… Is there any Java package for Ubuntu… Or is there any Linux OS which comes with full Java supporting Igniton.??? I am fedup with the requirement of Internet for Ubuntu clients every new installation… I tried with many Java packages but still some or the other related files will be missing which needs internet… Can any one suggest the linux OS best for Igniton?

Oracle’s Java doesn’t come standard with any Linux distro because of licensing issues. However, there’s an open source version, Iced Tea, which does come with a number of Linux distros. (In fact, I’m a little surprised it wasn’t installed by default on your version of Ubuntu…).

In general, Ubuntu should work well with Ignition because it’s one of the OSes we test with all the time. If you want a distro with more things installed by default, you can try Mint – it’s an Ubuntu offshoot that several of the developers here use frequently, so I know Ignition works well with it.

ThanQ for the reply… I had tried with Mint (version I could not remember), @ that time I faced the problem of audio clip playing error… especially alarms… so I switched over to Ubuntu… Again I will try with Mint 2 & also “Iced Tea” in Ubuntu… Thank you once again,

You can get Oracle Java via standard package management on Ubuntu through the webupd8 repos. I’ve had good luck using their repositories so far (info about their PPA’s here):

You can get it installed pretty easily via the steps below:

# Add the PPA for the Repository
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
# Update Package Cache
sudo apt-get update
# Trigger install of Java 8
sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer

It isn’t affiliated with Oracle (their repo doesn’t include the JRE/JDK binaries, the download and installation of those is simply coordinated by their package), but like I said, I’ve had good luck with them for a long time on my Ubuntu installs.


It’s not. I can’t confirm for all versions of Linux, I tried Ignition in Ubuntu and Opensuse and in both cases I had to install it. No complaints though,Icedtea is working fine with Ignition as server or client. I have a client running on Raspbian with Icedtea and I have to say that it was a big surprise to see it working.

Thank you very much, it may solve my problem…