iPhone 4s iOS6.1.2 7.5.6 (b1316)

From my iPhone, I can get to the Ignition Mobile launch page, but when I click on an aplicaiton I get the following error:

iPhone 4s
ignition 7.5.6 (b1316)

Java 1.7.0_15

Please explain more on the VNC options. I use tightVNC in some cases. VNC wants a password, but there isn’t an option in the Mobile VNC settings. If VNC is already running on port 5800 and 5900. Should I change the VNC port in ignition to 5901(Default is 5900)?

I would love to know more about VNC as an option for machines that can’t use jre.

For the error you are getting you will need to install Java 6 on the gateway server as the Mobile module doesn’t seem to work with Java 7 yet.

you will then need to set the path to java in the mobile settings… first line…

eg. C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe

Do I key the full path to jre6 or to the bin directory?

D:\Program Files\Java\jre6
D:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin

I had to do the full path as per my previous post…

Worked for me under the exact same setup as you.

You will need the full path to where the Java 6 is, just as 0sm0 stated. As for your other question, that will be answered in the other thread that you created.

Has this been fixed or do we still need to rollback to Java 6 on the gateway?

Working fine with latest java 7

The Mobile Module on the current 7.5 LTS and 7.6 releases, in fact, requires Java 7.

jasoncoope, the updates are indicated by the 3rd digit in the version number, so 7.5.11 is the updated (5 updates up) version, and it works with Java 7. If you absolutely have to stay on 7.5.6, you can still use Java 7 for the Gateway (specifying the path to it in /Inductive Automation/Igntion/data/igntion.conf file), while pointing the Mobile Module to Java 6 by specifying the full path to it in the “Java Path” setting on the “Configure > Mobile / Settings” page.