to GET

Hi guys,

Got a gateway here that need to do allot of API calls.
Using the everything runs smoothly but slower.
When I use things are moving much faster but I receive this error:

1.Error executing tag event script: Unable to GET “the url”
2.Clock drift, degraded performance, or pause-the-world detected. Max allowed deviation=1000ms, actual deviation=64534ms

I’ve created the following test tags that need to run 10k API call each.

Here I’m using, and at about 5k I’m getting the error

Here I’m using, and it successfully finish the job.
ATO-MESOPC01-Prod_thread_dump20211104-151711.json (120.6 KB)

Any idea how to solve this one?

You’ll have to post some code examples. It seems like you’ve either created a memory leak in your code or discovered one in ours.

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This is the code that is running with httpClient

The value change event script on the tag

	if str(currentValue.quality).upper() == 'GOOD' and str(previousValue.quality).upper() == 'GOOD':	
		if currentValue.value == 1:
			i = 1
			while i < 10000:
				i += 1
				test = L2L.API.getAreas()
				system.tag.write("[.]newAPI", i)

Gateway Scripts


def getAreas(extraURL = None, extraParameters = None):
	# Default URL
	url = "%(url)s%(api)sareas/?auth=%(auth)s&site=%(site)s&fields=%(fields)s"
	# Default parameters
	parameters = {}
	parameters["fields"] = "code"
	# Adding extra values ​​to the request, overithing if already defined
	if isinstance(extraURL, str):
		url = url + extraURL
	if isinstance(extraParameters, dict):

	return L2L.HttpHelper.clientHttpRequest("GET", url, parameters)


logger = system.util.getLogger('L2L-HttpHelper')

# Creating an instance of httpClient
client =

# Define a dictionary with available methods.
requestMethods = {}
requestMethods["GET"] = client.get
requestMethods["POST"] =

def getSiteVariables():
	# Define a tuple with L2L parameters.
	tags = ("url", "auth", "site", "api")
	# Generate a list with path of parameters and read values.
	tagPaths = []
	for tag in tags:
		tagPaths.append("Config/L2L/%s" %tag)
	tagValues = system.tag.readAll(tagPaths)
	# Generate a dictionary.
	l2lParameters = {}
	idx = 0
	for tag in tags:
		l2lParameters[tag] = tagValues[idx].value
		idx += 1
	return l2lParameters
def clientHttpRequest(method, url, paramaters):
	# Cheking parameters type.
	if not isinstance(method, str):
		logger.error("Function clientHttpRequest recieved invalid parameter type for (method), expected str got " + str(type(method)))
		return None
	if not isinstance(url, str):
		logger.error("Function clientHttpRequest recieved invalid parameter type for (url), expected str got " + str(type(url)))
		return None
	if not isinstance(paramaters, dict):
		logger.error("Function clientHttpRequest recieved invalid parameter type for (paramaters), expected dict got " + str(type(paramaters)))
		return None

	# Generating dictionary with all parameters
	l2lParameters = getSiteVariables()
	# Attaching parameters to url and replace spaces.
		l2lURL = url %l2lParameters
		formatedURL = l2lURL.replace(" ", "%20")
	except Exception, e:
		logger.error("Function clientHttpRequest failed to generate the L2L url.")
		raise Exception(str(e))
	# Run the http request.
		response = requestMethods[method.upper()](formatedURL)
		if response.isGood():	
			responseData = response.getJson()
			if responseData["success"]:
				return responseData["data"]
				logger.error("Function clientHttpRequest " + str(responseData["error"])) 	
			logger.error("Function clientHttpRequest response.isGood: " + str(response.isGood()))
	except Exception, e:
		logger.error("Function clientHttpRequest failed to run the http request: "+ str(e))
		raise Exception(str(e))
	return None
def l2lTimeFormat(timeStamp):
		return, "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm")
	except Exception, e:
		logger.error("Function l2lTimeFormat failed to format the timeStamp: "+ str(e))
		raise Exception(str(e))

Thanks for the support :smiley:

Hi Kevin, any resolution on this topic?

No, sorry, I can’t see anything obviously wrong. I thought maybe you were doing an async call with and allowing them to pile up in memory or something but that’s not the case.

I think you’ll have to work with support to further diagnose and maybe they will try to reproduce this.

Hi Bogdan. I'm getting the same error message today on Ignition 8.1.23. The script I'm running works when I execute it in a script console, but it fails when running from a scheduled gateway script. Did you ever contact support for an explanation?