Java Launch Certificate Issues

Hello everyone,

We are currently experiencing frequent support issues from two separate but related issues with regards to our FactoryPMI launch certificates.

Issue #1 - “The digital signature was generated with a trusted certificate but has expired”
Our web-launched software (the FactoryPMI Client and the FactoryPMI Designer) must be signed in order to launch. The certificate that we have been shipping with for the past two years expired on August 9th. While this doesn’t prevent the application from launching, you may be presented with an extra unfriendly warning when launching an client. Unfortunately there is no mechanism for us to update a certificate that is already out “in the wild”. You will have to upgrade to make this popup go away.

FactoryPMI 3.3.3 which will be released later today contains our new certificate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please note that you will also need to update your plugins, if you have any.

Issue #2 - “Unable to launch the application. JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by same certificate.”
This is an issue that we have been seeing for a few weeks with some regularity. This was caused by a backwards incompatibility in the way Java 6 update 14 interprets signed *.jar files. The resolution for this problem is to update all of your plugins (Reporting Plugin, ActiveX Plugin) to the new versions which are signed in a way that the newer version of Java accepts.

Is there any other reason, or any other resource that will cause the JAR resource / JNLP not signed by the same certificate error to occur?

I ran the latest upgrade (FPMI 3.3.3, Reporting Plugin 1.1.18) and cannot launch the FPMI Designer due to error #2 above. The applications launch and seem to functioning fine.

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the reporting plugin a couple times trying with and without it. After each install or uninstall I’ve been clearing the Java cache files and restarting the gateway and then the gateway PC to see if the error goes away. I don’t recall installing any other plugins, and no others are reported on the gateway configuration plugin page.

Yes the 3.3.3 build 3268 that we put up yesterday afternoon had a build issue with the designer. Build 3269 is currently on its way. Sorry about the mixup.

UPDATE: FactoryPMI 3.3.3 has been released.