Java Memory Changes

I have a project that is on many PC’s. We have direct links on the desktops to the gateway for each project. I had to increase the java memory available from 256k to 512k, which I done in designer and saved it. I can close and re-boot the PC’s and the clients do not download these new memory settings. The only way I can get them to the client is to run this:

“javaws -uninstall” and then to delete the folder “.ignition” from the user profile.

There has to be a way to push this to all, yes the project is set to push. Is there something within the project that can be changed which would cause a full download again?

Sorry, you’ve hit upon one of the few settings that we still have to rely on the Java webstart cache for.

For what it’s worth: you only need to do the “javaws -uninstall” step - you shouldn’t need to clear out our .ignition cache.

We build the .ignition cache expressly to get around the webstart cache as much as possible, but memory settings are one thing that we still rely on the webstart cache for.

It’ll probably come through on its own after a few launches, but it’s unreliable, hence the recommendation for the “javaws -uninstall” command.

Thanks for the response.