Java mission control/Client slowdown

The first time I posted this was in General Discussion, which might be the wrong place so I will try here.

I have a small Ignition application that has been running fine for about a month, and now things seem to be slowing down over time, as in screen changes taking 4-6 seconds. A restart of the Ignition app seems to speed things up but only for 8-10 hours. The client is doing very little, <20 client expression tags looking at a UDT, and only updates two SQL records every 5-10 minutes. There are two other very similar applications that are not having any trouble. I have increased the maximum memory to 1024M but still have problems.

I was wondering if JMC might be able to connect to the client and provide some info. I have not been able to connect to the client. Does anyone have any thoughts on using JMC or how to connect to a client, or what might be my client issues?


what is your memory doing? perhaps you have a memory leak?

In the diagnostics on the client shows memory any where from 50 to 150 Meg and no other high numbers in the other panels. Compared to other apps it looks normal.

Looking at the client’s task manager the jp2launcher.exe process is using about 240,000K. These numbers seem to match the other running clients. This client does not have a lot of memory, but either do the other clients.

You might have problems in your scripting or bindings that yield infinite (or near-infinite) loops or recursion. This usually shows up as 100% usage of one core on that client machine, and laggy UI actions.

I’m guessing this isn’t the case, but is something else hogging the CPU cycles? Operators complained to me about Ignition being unresponsive. It turned out they had the computer running a live video viewing program trying to view sixteen full quality streams at once when two streams were enough to peg the CPU at 100%…