Java Requirements

Is the OEE module only a Java 6 module? I tried installing the demo to play with it and all of the terminal server clients that we have running Ignition projects could no longer connect on a .class error. Our terminal servers run Java 5.12 for a different program (which only runs on that version of Java apparently). We’re going to look into that issue on our end, but I would like to know what the minimum version of Java is needed for the OEE module. Thanks!

Yes, it is built for 1.6.

If you cannot move up to 1.6 on your clients, it shouldn’t take too much for us to use 1.5 Compliance.

Just let me know,


Java 5 and Java 6 can usually co-exist on the same machine. The only time this doesn’t work is a program that requires Java 5 that for whatever reason doesn’t automatically or can’t be configured to launch with a specific JVM.

The MES clients will now run with java 1.5. The MES gateway requires java 1.6. This now matches Ignition.