Java Runtime and Deprecated Code

Does Ignition keep up with Java’s Deprecated code? So to keep with the latest compatibility for the JRE?

If what you’re really asking is “can I use any version of the JRE with Ignition?” then the answer is no, not really.

Ignition 7.9 only supports up to Java 9. The client launchers include a compatible version of Java 9. The gateway is BYO java, within the required versions.

Ignition 8.0 requires Java 11, and while Java 12/13 may work, we don’t test with it. In Ignition 8 we ship a compatible version of Java with both the gateway and the client launchers.


I develop in Java with regard to external projectsalong side of Ignition deployments. I run into Deprecations often so I stop using that branch of the SDK and find alternatives. I don’t have a specific example in mind, but it struck me to ask since I am about to jump several versions in my sandbox and was looking into areas I should make sure to test before updating a production Environment.