Java server JRE or JRE?

From Orcale when can download 2 flavour of JRE : server or standart.
Is it better to use the server JRE for Ignition Gateway server ???


Ignition needs only Java SE runtime. Visit this link … … 33155.html

For detailed quick start tutorial of ignition and user manuals, visit:

  1. … quickstart


I have the same question, but the answer seems ambiguous. We have a server running Windows 2012 R2. It is functioning as our Ignition gateway. Should we be running the standard JRE or the server JRE?

The standard JRE is a safe choice.

The Server JRE excludes some options found in the standard JRE. Mostly related to GUIs, though Ignitions GUI will probably still work fine with it.

IMO, the only reason to install the server JRE is if you distribute a lot of products with it installed. Then the reduced codebase (resulting in reduced space usage and reduced attack possibilities) can make it worth to test your product extensively with a non-standard JRE.

It turns out that the IT dept of our large company is mandating that servers running java run the Java 9 Server JRE. Will this be compatible with Ignition?

Yes, it will be fine.