Java skills required for ignition

What proficiency or skills we need in java to work on Igntion SDK? we mean what component or modules we have to understand in Java to work on Ignition SDK?

You have to be generally proficient with Java to get any work done in the SDK. Further expertise in one area depends on what you’re trying to build, e.g. if you’re trying to build additional Vision components you’ll need to be pretty good with Swing (or willing to learn).

What are you trying to do?

Hi Kevin.
Actually we are very new to java, but we worked pretty well with python scripting in ignition. But we want to improve our skill further. As when we looked at java there are no of aspects of it and has very tedious structure to understand for new comer like us who wish to willing work on this platform. So here just we wanted to know at which part of the java software we need to concentrate as per ignition point of view.