java.sql.SQLException after migration 7.9 to 8.1 and with SQL Server 2005 Database Connection

At begin, we installed Ignition 7.9. Our Database is SQL Server 2005 installed on another server.

Our JDBC Driver 4.0 on Ignition 7.9 worked has well before upgrade.

After upgraded to Ignition 8.1, we has this error “java.sql.SQLException” in our Gateway database connection.

The problem seem to be between JRE and version of SQL Server.

We tried with JDBC 4.0 and 4.2 drivers.LogError.txt (4.8 KB)

We tried this solution for to bypass SSL : [FEEDBACK/BUG?] Database Connections faulted after upgrade to Ignition 8.0 - #10 by larryjones

“Remove 3DES_EDE_CBC from the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms in the file Program Files\Java"JRE Version"\lib\security. Restard gateway”

Actually this solution don’t work for us.

We created a ticket : 136535. We are actually in queue and the answer can take 1 week. Anybody have an idea ?

Thank you

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The newer versions of the jdbc driver dropped support for the older versions. I ended up using jTDS for those.

EDIT: The reason I went this route was that M$ (bless their hearts) obfuscated download locations of their earlier versions of jdbc drivers, and I still needed to connect to later instance versions as well. So I added it as a separate driver.

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Hi Jordan, can you let me a screenshot of your parameters for JTDS. I don’t know what is the classname.
Thank you very much

Here you go.

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Wow, it’s working. Thank you very much Jordan !!

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Glad to help. I had to hunt a bit for the class name, too.

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I am also getting same error. I have done same Configuration but same error showing can you help me to figure out? I am also attached screen short of configuration.

Thanks in advance.

Unless you are using the exact same Ignition version and Database version, and seeing an identical error, you will likely find more help creating your own post.

If you are using a newer database then you likely need to update the JDBC driver jar file for your database driver in Ignition.