Java support over for Windows XP

Are IA aware of this? I know that XP will disappear soon or later, but I think this is some thing to warn to the users.

I think that Ignition Gateway still will have some uses on XP in some local one-client installation, maybe for the new local client fallback feature. Also, the problem could be for the current pre 7.7 versions running on windows XP and java 7. New updates of java 7 will not be supported.

Right now, XP is not listed in certified system configurations for JRE7 and JRE8

I have no experience using Ignition with other jvm implementation on windows, beside the oracle jre. Maybe some one can share experiencies.


P.S.: Oracle smell so much to Microsoft. :imp:

I’m sorry, but I’m totally with Oracle on this one.

Put yourself in their shoes, or ours for that matter. How can they release a product and claim to support XP when Microsoft itself has dropped support for XP?

XP is so ancient and riddled with security issues that I think it is irresponsible to continue its use. Keeping systems up-to-date is just an inevitable cost of doing business with computers.

Now to break the real news for you: Ignition 7.7 requires Java 8 for the gateway (clients/designers still support Java 6+). It is important to note here that Ignition 7.5 is LTS and will run on Java 6 or 7 and we’ll support it for a few more years, but if you don’t have a plan to get off XP you will be left behind.

Colby, first at all, thanks for the response.

It is understandable, you don’t have to sorry anything. It’s only my humble opinion about this thing that happened.

Because LTS version and Java6/7 support on the client, you are still offering a wide range of operating system compatibility and I think this is key point of differentiation with other products. But this little things make that one starts to worry that if this is the beginning of what has already happened with other platforms (in terms of backward compatibility)

My feeling is that, IMHO, since Oracle adquisition of Sun Microsystems, began to appear small compatibility issues with old features but quite used (for example, java web start), and I have a sneaking hunch that if Sun Microsystem had followed in control, the situation could have been another (even with the XP issue). It’s only my feeling, not a well fundamented opinion.

I hope I made myself understood.

Leaving aside the opinion about Oracle, you (or some users who have given feedback to you) are using some other implementation of the jvm than the Oracle one, with Ignition?. I thanks you in advance for any information provided in this topic.



First off, funny enough, due to a really weird forum error, somehow that post got my name, when it was actually Carl who wrote it. So it’s his fault! :laughing:

Anyhow, what he said was true. As for your question, I know that some people have been using IcedTea successfully, but that does not yet support Java 8. Honestly it’s probably a bit early for us to require Java 8, but since much of our development coming up is in modules, and since 7.7 is LTS, we thought it best to lean toward the future a bit more.

As for your comment about backwards compatibility, do you mean inside of Ignition, or between versions of Java? I’m guessing Java, since you mention webstart, which certainly has been having a hard time lately. Beyond that particular feature though, things have been pretty good. In Ignition, backwards compatibility has a good track record.