Java Swing LAF - Client

I have four clients running on identical machines but one has a different look and feel.
This is affecting the power tables, specifically the header height and color, which causes layout issues in some windows.
The other three clients are displaying the power tables exactly as in designer.

I was going to execute the command below but would like to be sure that it won’t break anything.
-Dswing.defaultlaf=javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel MyApp

I didn’t find a way of getting the current default LAF using a command line, in case I have to revert the change.

Any help is appreciated.

What do you mean one has a different look and feel?

Are you already setting a custom LnF or something else?

No. I didn’t change anything.
I’m assuming the LnF is not the same because of the power table appearance.



It’s hard to troubleshoot when you keep moving the goalpost - your original post said you were comparing 4 clients; it didn’t say anything about a designer.

I don’t think whatever is going on here is a Look and Feel issue unless you or your project are attempting to set one somewhere. It may be easier to call into support and have them take a look.

The screenshot from designer is exactly the same as from the other three clients, and I did mention it in the original post.

I will do as you’re suggesting and call tech support.
Thanks Kevin

Ignition uses its own Look and Feel which should eliminate these kinds of problems.

Are the different clients/designers running on the same OS?

Yes. All clients are running on Windows 7 Pro SP1.
Designer is running on Windows 10.

The issue was that the theme of the win7 machines was set to ‘windows classic’. Changing the theme to ‘windows 7 basic’ fixed the issue.