Java updates on a pc running ignition 7.9.8

If a laptop or any server is running ignition, is it OK to update Java, or does ignition not like that?
right now I am running version: 7.9.8 with Java 1.8.0_171-b11. Right now the PC that’s running my ignition is asking to update Java. Is it OK to do so?

You can absolutely update Java while Ignition is running. Note that the actual Ignition gateway will not start using the new version of Java until the gateway restarts.
Also, be careful with auto-updates: 1. Java 10 is not going to be support in Ignition 7.9, and auto-updates may decide to push you onto it, and 2. at least on Windows, Java auto-updates often deliver 32-bit Java, rather than 64-bit. That’s usually fine for client machines, but often causes problems for the gateway (with its larger memory allocation).

Thanks, good to know!