Java Upgrade to 8.171 not working with Designer

Java 8.171 just installed on my computer from 8.121. The 8.121 worked fine when launching designer but now it won’t launch but the projects will. Any thoughts? I tried Chrome and IE along with adding the location to the security settings in the java console.

You probably got 32 bit Java (Oracle loves to do that, for some reason) and your designer is set to launch with more than 1.5gB of RAM, so 32-bit java is unable to allocate it.

You can check Configure → Gateway Settings and reduce the max designer memory, or check your installed Java architecture (if Windows, then just searching for “Java” should give you ‘Configure Java’, which will bring up the Java control panel and let you check architecture):

Yes I did finally figure that out but java let me download and use the 32 bit without pointing that out to me during the installation. I downloaded the offline version for 64 bit and it fixed my problem. Thanks for the info.

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