Java Version on GW "Status" Page

After I log in as admin, I’ve noticed the Java version displayed on the “Status” page is showing up as the original version (1.8.0_121-b13) that was installed on the gateway when we finally upgraded from Ignition 7.6 → 7.9. Unfortunately, that machine (and all clients) are running Java v131.

Since Java 1.8 I’ve had to recreate shortcuts; I presume it’s because each upgrade creates a new folder – is this the deal with what is showing on the “Status” page? Maybe it’s still tied to the original Java 121 folder and doesn’t see the newest? Just a guess. Maybe there’s a gateway variable I could play with?

Look for the line in the ignition.conf; this should be in Program Files/Inductive Automation/Ignition/data. This is most likely pointing to whatever Java installation was detected when 7.9 was first installed.

Note that changing any settings in ignition.conf will require a gateway restart.

For an additional reference, here’s the relevant page in the user manual.

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