Java version recommended

good morning,

I open this post precisely to determine which is the recommended Java version to install on the system and have a good performance of designer ignition.

I have installed version 8 .381 and I have had a lot of problems, so I have decided to downgrade to version 8 .361.

Do you know why this bad performance is due to the last version?


The version of Java you installed is irrelevant, Ignition 8.x versions ship with their own Java runtime.

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perfect, thanks! so the recommended is 8++, even so I don't understand why the igniton/designer performance started to work better once I downgraded the version.

The minimum required version is Java 11 for most of 8.1.x, and Java 17 as of 8.1.33.

The changes you made to the system Java had no effect.

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ah but in that case we are talking about java jdk version

I was asking about the oracle java version of the computer.

does the java version influence the performance of the vision?

No, the "oracle java version of the computer" is irrelevant.

Vision Client Launchers also ship with their own Java runtime.

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thanks kevin, with that I have my answer.