Java Version

We are still running Facrory PMI and are experiencing problems with our newer PCs and JAVA Seven. Factory PMI requires JAVA Six and will not run on seven. JAVA Seven has security features that we like, and we would prefer not to regress to Java Six if at all possible. Is thre a patch available that allows Factory PMI to run on a Java Seven Machine?

No, there’s nothing available. The legacy FPMI and FSQL products are no longer being updated.

Here are some instructions I was using before we upgraded to 7.5.6+:

[quote]Remember, to uninstall JAVA 7:

Start -> Control Panel -> Programs (bottom left) -> Programs and Features (at the top)

Scroll down to find anything with JAVA 7 and remove them.[/quote]

[quote]To load JAVA 6, go to: … 19409.html

Scroll down, look for the latest Java SE Runtime Environment (like 6u45)
Click on the DOWNLOAD link for your OS[/quote]

Thanks for your responses but the entire issue appears odd to me. Isnt Java backwards compatible.? Could it be as simple as a “pointing” or file folder locartion issue?