JAVA Web Launcher Not Responding


I’m facing this issue in main server and web clients. Once the application opens it will work for 1-2 hours and shows this error and application hangs. Please help to solve this issue

Have you tried the Native Client Launcher? Web launch is deprecated (and not supported at all in Ignition v8).

It’s most likely not an issue with the launcher itself, but that’s the name of the process.

My first guess would be it’s caused by the window you designed. Try to figure out what window(s) show the issue (by making sure only one page was opened, and checking if it gets blocked). And try to find a pattern in it (is there a certain template on those pages? Can you execute certain actions to force the lockup? Does it happen on certain state changes of the machine?).

If you have found a pattern, check those windows/templates for recursive bindings, very fast timers, big datasets, very frequently executed functions (powertable configureCell/canvas repaint).

IA support may also be of some assistance.

Big datasets are there i’m doing utility management. Different power tables get filled with big data once the process starts.

Ok, then those power tables and datasets are probably the issue.

Every time a dataset of a power table changes, the configureCell method is executed for every visible cell.

If you do something heavy in that function (loading a library, executing a heavy function, …), it may cause slowdowns to the point Windows believes it’s no longer responsive. Those cases are usually solved by moving the functionality to a gatway script, and caching certain data in more persistent objects.

In the worst case, you alter the dataset in such a function, which causes an infinite loop. That’s definately a bug that should be solved.

You can add logging (print statements) to the different functions of the power table, and open the console window to see which functions are fired very frequently (note that you shouldn’t log for every cell, but you can put a filter (f.e. if row == 1) before logging stuff.

Yes, that’s why the documentation very specifically tells you not to run anything heavy. It’s not just when a dataset changes, there are a lot of hooks that will invoke configureCell and kill performance if not guarded against. Much power can mean much pain.