JAVA WEB Start Error

I have experianced a “JAVA WEB START - Unexpected Error” while trying to launch a test project on a client machine.

The client is Running Windows XP. I used the IP address of the Gateway and was viewing the gateway page… The Java notice on the Gateway page said “An acceptable version of the Javatm Platform has been detected on your computer.”

When I clicked on the project to launch… Java starts to run… then I got the Unexpected Error.

In the Java Error Window… under the General Tab… stated the following

An error occurred while launching/running the application

Vendor: Inductive Automation
Category: Unexpected Error

Unexpected exception: jave.lang.Exception

I tried several times… and could not get it to run.
I looked and Client had Java runtime 1.0 installed.

So I installed Java 6

Then the Client would attemped to launch… but I then got that Error I was getting the other day with IE6 . So… I upgraded the Client to IE8… and then the application loaded on the client.

My main question is… why didn’t the proper Java load from the Gateway? or was that the problem?
I think the IE6 was a 2nd problem.

I think that since there is so many problems with this product working with IE6… The marketing specifications should state that Ignition needs IE8.

Feedback please…



You are right IE6 was the first problem. There is a known issue with launching in IE6 but it seems to occur randomly. The Ignition Gateway will detect if you have the right version and if you don’t you have to install it manually. We recommend Java 6 or above. There was another problem launching if you had Java 6 Update 20 installed with Ignition 7.0.8 or smaller. It was fixed in 7.0.9.

Yes… I have JAVA 6 update 20 on the Gateway Server
Like I said before… it said that I had the right version of JAVA… but it would not even start.
then after I installed JAVA 6 on the client… the JAVA app started… but then gave the error like I was getting with IE6 the other day.

And yes I am running IE8 on the gateway server (which should not even be an issue for a client machine)

The first error was more like a Java error… then when I installed Java 6 on the client… the IE6 became the problem.

Should I expect or assume that ALL CLIENTS need to have IE8 and JAVA 6?? or Just IE8?

You will make it easier on yourself if the clients do have IE8 and Java 6.

We’ve identified the cause of the IE6 problems. They are detailed in this post. IE6 should work fine in the next release. Sorry for the trouble.