Java Web Start issue

Every time I click on my project shortcut I get an error message from Java Web Start “internal error, unknown message”. I have tried many different ways of structuring my shortcut with the same result. I have opened the Java Cache Viewer and I can see my project listed there. I can run it directly from the cache viewer. If I delete the application from the cache, then launch it from the Ignition home page, Java will launch it fine and create a new shortcut on my desktop. The new shortcut will give me the same error message when I try to launch my project with it.

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Java many times. I have the latest version. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Ignition.

From what I recall, this behavior started when I tried to launch a project from a command line in a batch file. I got the error then and now I get it every time from all shortcuts using javaws.exe. This happens only on my development laptop. My real gateway on the server works just fine, although I never tried the batch file thing. I was too scared after it blew up on my laptop!

Anyone out there that can help?

Wow, that sounds really annoying. Maybe the JWS cache is corrupted and uninstalling/re-installing Java doesn’t help. Try running the command [tt]javaws -uninstall[/tt] (this clears the JWS cache).

Thanks for the suggestion. I ran the javaws -uninstall which deleted my shortcut. I then launched the project again from the Ignition web page and it re-created the shortcut. I closed the project and then tried to launch from the new shortcut but I get the same error.

Man, that error sure isn’t helpful. What OS? Try manually wiping out the JWS cache.
On Windows 7 it is under %HOMEPATH%\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment
on Windows XP it is %APPDATA%\Sun\Java\Deployment

I deleted everything in the cache and systemcache folders, restarted my laptop, launched my project from Ignition, closed it and tried to launch from the shortcut- same error.

Well I guess we could start dissecting that shortcut to try and see exactly what its doing. You could run that command (whatever command the shortcut is running) from a command prompt, maybe it would spit out more useful information to the command line.

I think I figured out the issue. When I set the shortcut to “Run the program as an Administrator” it works fine. I don’t know why some shortcuts don’t need this turned on and some do. It seems that shortcuts that point to a remote gateway work fine without this turned on but local shortcuts that point to the development gateway on my laptop need this turned on. I never had to have this turned on in the past. I have had issues with java in the past that running as administrator cured url[/url]. So, I have all java executables set to run as administrator. Maybe that has something to do with it. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate.

Thanks for the feedback - next time someone asks I’ll tell them to try that first!