Java will not update

Every time I try to launch a client I get the dialog that I need to update java. I download Java. Java tells me the folder is not empty so I rename the old folder and create a new one with the default name. java seems to install and then displays the window to verify. Then I get the you need to update java dialog again. I delete that box, never get to verify the install, try Ignition again with the same dialog. I’m running w10, firefox 55, chrome 61, and edge 40. does not matter which one Java and ignition will not work. Since our company does not buy Java I cannot get support from Oracle.

How do I get Ignition to work? It worked fine yesterday.

Same thing trying to start designer.
I’ve run into this before and never updated Java.
I guess I’ll continue using the old Java until Ignition gets updated.

Ignition will work with any version of Java 8 (which Oracle still seems to be serving up on the basic Java downloads page).
I would recommend removing all installed versions of Java, restarting, then reinstalling the latest update (8u144) from scratch. If this is on your gateway server then you’ll need to restart the Ignition service after reinstalling Java to ensure it’s using the latest version.

I’ve done that, but still get the java update window. I think it is just a Windows instability like way back in the W98 days. I ignore it because I know Java is installed on this PC, it has been uninstalled and reinstalled.