javaFX internet browser in a swing component

A javaFX internet browser in a swing component :
could be a solution to add an internet browser component ???

Tried. Failed. Crazy deadlocks. Will post code soon. I can’t figure it out. Other than the redraw deadlock, the module is usable.

I had the same problems with deadlocks but I managed to get it to work. You need to add a “zoom-incompatible” property to the outer javafx panel after you construct it. It is a constant in:com.inductiveautomation.ignition.designer.designable.DesignableRepaintManager.ZOOM_INCOMPATIBLE

final JFXPanel fxPanel = new JFXPanel();

Once I did that the deadlocks went away and it is perfectly usable.

Great news, :thumb_left:
could you please post a demo version of the module to try it !

My Java skills are not that good but here is an example module. It is extremely crude. Maybe someone form Inductive can take a look at it and make it useful.

You need to add
(where XX is the next number in sequence)
to your ignition.conf file to use it.

Thanks for sharing,
the module works but some freze when I navigate to another windows or try to reopen the windows with the component…

I don’t have a good grip on how exactly the javafx thread works. The problem is that when you close the window with the javafx component it kills the javafx thread and doesn’t restart it when you reopen the window. I found a trick on a forum that seems to fix the problem. I had to add: Platform.setImplicitExit(false); to the constructor. I also fixed a few other bugs. This version seems to work better. I’m still in the process of teaching myself Java. So I can’t promise a lot.

We have experimented with the JavaFX browser. It has a few issues, it seems a bit unreliable, and it isn’t compatible with Java 6.

That said, we’ve recently found a different Swing based browser that looks extremely promising, and will be doing some proof of concepts with it shortly.

Good news :slight_smile:

Really interested in this, there is a huge use case for us.

Proof of concepts went very well. Web browser module is under development, I think it’ll make it for 7.7

Is Web browser module approaching ?
it will be a specific module or included in 7.7 ?

I can confirm that a web browser module will be available for 7.7. It is a separate module. I believe the price will be $495 USD.