Javaws.exe/designer.jnlp spawned over 100k times!

Today when i started my computer and fired up Ignition and launched the designer to start work, my computer became slow, so i opened up task manager and saw around 45k processes of javaws.exe pointing to the designer.jnlp.
So i tossed together e k.cmd with the command “TASKKILL /F /IM javaws.exe” and looped it self.
The number of processes was konstant around 3-4k while the cmd-file was running for 30 minutes until i decided to uninstall java all together, only then the spawning stopped.

Removing the jnlp-file from disk did not help, it kept spawning anyway.
Today java wanted to upgrade to version 8, update 91.

Windows 7, 64-bit, 16GB ram, 128GB ssd + 750GB mechanical disk.

I am going to reinstall with a fresh downloaded java to see if it has solved or if it starts doing it again.

Hi Stefan,

By chance did you update Ignition using the zip installer? I’ve personally seen this happen if you don’t delete the lib folder when updating to or from an RC or beta. This is due to the way we name our jar files. Deleting the lib folder and unzipping again, or doing a fresh install altogether should fix this issue. You may need to delete the cache as well (.ignition in your user folder)