Javax.naming ImportError: No module named naming

I am trying to move some code from 7.9.14 to 8.0.12 that interacts with Active Directory. The old code uses

from javax.naming import *

but I am receiving an error

ImportError: No module named naming

I cannot find anything on the web that says the naming package is not in OpenJDK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also does OpenJDK have a API page like Oracle does where you can browse through all the packages?

Hmm, we might not package this module with our custom runtime.

@jcoffman can you verify that? The module is java.naming.

For some reason it will not let me import *. If I explicitly import the class names then I can get it to work.

That’s probably a Python/Jython change from version 2.5 (in 7.9) to 2.7 (in 8.0), then.

That makes more sense than the module not being included in our runtime, seeing as we use it for AD user profiles…

Yeah, I just confirmed the module java.naming is present in the bundled JRE

I’ve never known wildcards to work when importing from java classes. What version of Ignition had that?