JDataConnect jar_04

The classname for the JDataConnect JData4_0.jar driver is ‘JData4_0.sql.$Driver’. When attempting to save the entered classname in Database Drivers & Settings, a message appears that ‘$’ is an illegal character and will not allow save. Any ideas?

Most unfortunate… I think we’ll have to fix that on our side.

A wild workaround appears…

I was thinking along the lines of the internal db edit… What could possibly go wrong other than it might work?

Yeah, it’s not that big of a deal, you can try editing the row in the internal db. It will certainly let you set the value. The only problem would really be if you tried to edit some other aspect of the jdbc driver from the UI, it might not let you save again.

Also, after editing the internal db directly, you’ll likely need to restart the gateway. I’m not 100% sure about this, but since the edit events aren’t fired when the db is changed directly, the instances of the connection might not use the correct edit of the driver.

So, if you go to Console>Advanced, you can look at the table with:


Then just run an update statement on the classname column.


Direct update seemed to work. Driver returns a valid connection, but now there is a jdbc driver syntax issue. See post on same.

I need to make this same change, but I’m not sure where I go to find the Console->Advanced editor. Can someone provide this?